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 General Guidance 

Information Sheets / Forms
  Allergen (IgE RAST) request pro-forma
Clinical Biochemistry Tests Requiring 'Odd' Blood Collection Tubes
  Phlebotomy (Blood Test) Information
Sample Packaging and Transport Requirements
Cytogenetics Request Form
DNA Request Form
Patient Information Sheets
  Available on Trust Website (external users)
  Available on Intranet (internal users)
  CRH Test
  Dexamethasone Suppression Test - 2 day protocol
Fine Needle Aspiration (Needle Biopsy)
Growth Hormone Suppression Test (growth hormone response to GTT)
  Hba1c change in reporting units (from 1st June 2009)
  Hba1c new units to old conversion table
  Infertility Investigation - Collection and Transport of Specimen
  Insulin Stress Test
  Penacillamine Challenge Test
Phlebotomy (Blood Test) Information
  Post Vasectomy - Collection and Transport of Specimen
PSA Test for Prostate Cancer
Water Deprivation Test


  Pathology Services
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Out of hours Service
Phlebotomy Service
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Ward Collection
Information Sheets
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Version 1.1 / December 2016                                                                                                                 Approved by: Consultant Biochemist